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About Indian Creek Angus


Dennis Barron, originally from Alpharetta, Georgia, established Indian Creek Angus in 1995 in Franklin County, Georgia. Carol Corbin left her job as a college professor in Nova Scotia, Canada, and joined him in the business in 2009. Denny Barron joined the company in 2010. Denny Barron is Dennis's oldest son. He has worked in real estate and on cattle and horse farms his whole life. He oversees the farm’s maintenance, construction, and security. Laura Barron McCook, Dennis’s oldest daughter, joined the family business in 2013 after being a stay-at-home mother for the last several years. She handles phones, emails, and marketing for the company.

Dennis, Carol, and Denny believe that cattle should be bred and raised humanely, in a natural and low-stress environment. Our cattle are given no growth hormones or steroids; they are not fattened on grain; they are not fed antibiotics.

Indian Creek Angus cattle are raised on the rich grasses of Northeast Georgia, with locally-grown, chemical-free hay to supplement during the winter. Our herd has grown from an original registered Angus herd to include other excellent beef breeds like Hereford and Charolais. In addition, we have incorporated the Murray Grey breed from Australia through our first Murray Grey bull Kyle, and our second one, Vern, purchased from Vernon Hochstetler, an Amish grass-fed beef producer in Indiana. Murray Grey is considered one of the best breeds to convert grass to beef. The breed originated from an Angus and Short-horn parent and the coat is grey. Kyle now has sired over 40 calves on our farm and they are all various shades of his beautiful grey. Vern will have progeny in the fall.

Indian Creek Angus is Certified Naturally Grown. We are also members of Georgia Organics, Local Harvest, Animal Welfare Approved and Eat Wild.

Learn more about the people behind Indian Creek Angus here.

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