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The newest addition at Indian Creek Angus

Our newest calfWhile we were in Chattanooga at the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Conference, one of our favorite cows had a calf and we thought you might like to see her.  She has lovely markings and she’s strong and healthy. Her mama has plenty of milk.

We learned a lot at the conference, and a lot of what we heard validated what we are doing. We know we can do some things better, but we are definitely on the right track. We also verified our suspicion that we are selling grass-fed beef cheaper than most of the other producers. One of our goals is to make healthy eating something attainable by all Americans, or at least those within our area. We will keep our prices down as low as we can while still keeping our heads above water.

Our new calf has a great life ahead of her. We are committed to improving the grass meals she will eat, to adding more trees to the pastures for more shade and wind break, and to fencing off smaller pastures so that we can sow more varieties of plants for our cattle to graze on. We thank Ann Blanchet for her great seminar about that.

Come out and see our newest baby. Just give us a call.

  • http://www.cumming.locallygrown.net Suzanne Geddes

    Awww, she’s so cute! I knew you guys were a good choice for The Cumming Harvest market, you guys are great!

  • Lynn Williams

    Great photo! And I love the blog.