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Grass Fed Blog from Indian Creek Angus

One of our Biggest Fans!

Indian Creek Angus's biggest fan
Taylor Barron

                          Indian Creek Angus

   Indian Creek Angus is the best farm in the world.  It has horses, cows, cats, and dogs.  Every animal is extremely well treated including our grass-fed cows, each raised with love and care. 

    Our visitors are some of the most important people of our farm. We treat them each with love and respect as we give them a farm tour and tell them all about our beloved farm.

    Indian Creek Angus is run by a family of farmers, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Barron family. If not then I’ll introduce some of them to you. My granddaddy, Dennis L .Barron, and my grandma, Carol Corbin, own the farm. My daddy, Dennis L .Barron II, my brother, Dennis L .Barron III, and I, Taylor Kaye Barron, live and work on the farm. We all hope that you, our customers, can come and visit our farm and enjoy our grass-fed beef.

                                                 By: Taylor Kaye Barron

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