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Indian Creek Angus Receives Animal Welfare Approval

Animal Welfare Approved inspects farms and ranches to determine if animals are humanely treated from birth until death. Indian Creek Angus passed inspection and so did our processor. This certification is the one we are most proud of. It means that an organization has agreed to what we already knew–our animals live good, happy lives.

When visitors meet our cattle, they notice how tame and calm they are. Some of them can be touched, and many of them come up to greet us and may lick our hands or smell the vehicle we are in. Our most placid animal is our herd bull, Kyle. He is like a big gentle beast who comes when he’s called and loves to have his head rubbed. We don’t encourage visitors to pet him because of his size (2000 pounds), but we show them that we can pet him and he is not a bull to be feared. The cows love him too.

Below is a picture of our tranquil Kyle.

2000 Pounds of Sweetness

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