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What is the Paleo-Diet?

One of the newest diets being advertised on the internet and in books is the Paleo-diet, which attempts to replicate the nutrional qualities of “Cave-Peoples” diets. The primary proteins would have been wild game and seafood, and the diet would not have included any refined starches or sugars. Few grains would have been included and therefore no bread, cakes, or pastries. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables would have been consumed. Scientific studies have found that this early diet led to far fewer diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Although the early humans would have led short and brutal lives, most of their deaths were caused by accidents and trauma, not the diseases that afflict so many in industrial societies.

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Special Packages

Special Grass-fed Beef Packages

20 Pounds of Grass-fed Ground Beef—Variety of ground round, ground sirloin, and ground chuck.  $125. (1/16th Based on hanging weight of 500 pounds).

20 Pounds of Grass-fed Boneless Stew Beef—Great for stews and beef dishes. $125. (1/16th Based on hanging weight of 500 pounds).

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Dennis and Carol Get Married

We will not be selling any beef on December 11, 2010, because we’re getting married that day. We’ll be serving beef at the wedding, of course. Pictures will follow.


A Healthy Alternative to Feedlot Beef

Health-conscious consumers are looking for alternative sources of lean, high-quality protein. Grass fed beef fits the bill. Cattle are grass-eaters, and when not fattened on grain, they are one of the best choices for healthy protein.

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Why Everyone’s Talking About Grass Fed Beef

We’ve been eating grass fed beef for a long time, but we live on a cattle ranch that raises beef only on grass. For many generations, the family would slaughter a beef once or twice a year for their personal consumption.

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