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Steak Definitions

Steak Parts

Chateaubriand—center cut from the large end of the tenderloin or extra thick top sirloin.

Cube steak--usually top round, tenderized by mechanical blades.

Filet—tenderloin cut into steaks; half of the t-bone steak.

Filet Mignon—from the small end of the tenderloin.

Flank steak—from the underside, needs tenderizing.

Flat iron steak—from under the shoulder blade.

Hanger steak or (French) onglet—from near the center of the diaphragm.

London Broil—flank steak cut across the grain.

New York Strip or strip steak—from the strip loin; half of the t-bone steak

Rib eye steak, Entrecôte—boneless rib steak.

Sirloin steak—from the hip, usually tender.

Skirt steak—from the diaphragm, flavorful, but tough.

T-bone steak and Porterhouse—from the tenderloin and strip loin, connected with a T-shaped bone.