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Beef Processing Instructions

Ordering instructions

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When ordering a whole beef, you may indicate how you want each side (A and B) cut. If you are sharing the beef with another family, the other family may prefer bone-in instead of bone-out steaks and roasts, etc., so you have the option of having each side cut differently. If you are purchasing a side of beef, then just fill in the information for Side A. If you are ordering a quarter, then fill in the information on Side A, but when purchasing a quarter, you will not receive all the brisket, flank and skirt steaks from the side. We must save some for the other quarter. Each quarter will receive an equivalent amount of steaks, roasts, etc., and will be approximately the same weight. If you have special requests that are not indicated on the form, please call to discuss them with us.

Our standard cut order is as follows: bone-in steaks and roasts, 1" thick steaks, 2-3 pound roasts, fat not trimmed.

We would like to purchase: whole side quarter*
*not all listed cuts are available in a quarter, but we will try to come as close as possible to what you request.
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Side A   Side B
Roasts* Weight   Roasts* Weight
(chuck, rump, shoulder, sirloin tip) 2-3 lbs. 3-4 lbs.   (chuck, rump, shoulder, sirloin tip) 2-3 lbs. 3-4 lbs.
Steaks* Thickness   Steaks* Thickness
(sirloin, t-bone, rib) 1" 1.5" 2 "   (sirloin, t-bone, rib) 1" 1.5" 2 "
Ground Beef*     Ground Beef*  
  yes no     yes no
Other Cuts* Selection   Other Cuts* Selection
(If you do not select the cuts listed below, they will be ground.)
Cube Steak   Cube Steak
Boneless stew Boneless stew
Brisket Brisket
Flank Flank
Skirt Skirt
Short ribs Short ribs
Extras*   Extras*
Soup bones variety pack   Soup bones variety pack
Liver Liver
Heart Heart
Tongue Tongue
Save bones Save bones
Trim fat Trim fat
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