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Bulk Beef Orders


If you have decided to purchase grass-fed beef in bulk from Indian Creek Angus, here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Decide how much beef you want to order—usually a whole, half, or quarter. (Small orders and individual cuts are available also.) If you are splitting an order, determine how it will be split among cow-poolers. Check that everyone has adequate freezer space.
  2. Look over the possible cuts you can request on the processing instruction form on the website. Discuss these choices with other cow-poolers and come to an agreement about what you will order. (It is possible to process half the beef one way and the other half another when a whole beef is ordered.)
  3. Contact Indian Creek Angus to ask about availability of orders. We will let you know if beef is available immediately or if we are sold out, the next available date. At that time, you will be asked to reserve your beef by making a deposit. The deposit amount is based upon the quantity/size of your beef as follows:
    Wholes and halves -$200.00
    Quarters - $100.00
    1/8 box & 1/16 box - $50.00
    Any large individual order of $150 or more $50.00


Bulk purchases offer our customers the lowest price for beef. Often we have bulk orders available immediately, but if we are sold out, we will have beef available within a few weeks. Our beef dry ages for 21 days and we usually have some in process at all times.

  Approximate Number of Cuts
Beef Cut Package Description Whole Half Quarter
Steaks (including sirloin, and t-bone) 1" thick, 2 to a pack, weight varies 56 (28 packs) 28 (14 packs) 14 (7 packs)
Roasts (including chuck, rump, shoulder, and sirloin tip) 2-3 pounds each 23 11 6
Ground beef 1 pound package 88 44 22
Other cuts (these can all be ground, and proportions can vary by adding or reducing ground beef.)
Cube steak (thin, pressed steak) 1 pound 10 5 2
Boneless stew (stewing chunks) 1 pound
10 5 2
Brisket Weight Varies
2 1 *
Flank steak Weight Varies
2 1 *
Skirt steak Weight Varies
2 1 *
Bones and ribs
Short ribs 2 pounds 10 5 2
Price per pound
(hanging weight)
  $5.00/lb $5.25/lb $5.50/lb
Sample prices based on 500 lb. hanging weight   $2500 $1312.50 $687.50

These approximations are for a 500 lb. hanging weight beef. The exact number will vary depending on the size of the animal and the size of the steaks and roasts. Indian Creek Angus is currently cutting steaks at 1 inch thick, but we can specify the thickness for each customer. Thicker steaks means fewer steaks. Other cuts are available as well. Please see the "Beef Processing Instructions" form below for details.

* - When ordering a quarter, you will receive one brisket, one flank steak, or one skirt steak. Indicate your preference on the order form, and we will do our best to get it for you.


Indian Creek Barn for 100% Grass-Fed Beef

Our beef is sold by the hanging weight—the weight of the meat as it hangs at the butcher shop after slaughter and before cutting. As the beef is aged for 21 days, the weight will decrease from fluid loss. When the cuts are made, there will also be some weight loss due to removal of bones and gristle. Therefore, the meat you take home will be 55-70% of the hanging weight, depending on how it is cut. Purchasing less than a side means that you receive a selection of cuts from the front and hind quarters.


Dry-aging means the carcass is hung in a refrigerated space for several weeks. It is done to tenderize and add flavor to the beef. You might say it is the old-fashioned way of preparing beef. Some aficionados liken the aging of beef to the aging of fine wine. Grocery store beef is not aged and therefore does not have the rich, robust flavor that dry-aged grass-fed beef does. In addition, during the time the beef is aged, the carcass loses fluids, and that means you take home mainly beef and much less water than beef that is not aged.


After the aging is completed, the processor cuts the beef into manageable portions of one to four pound weights, packaged in commercial grade freezer paper. Vacuum sealed is 25 cent extra per HW pound.

100% Grass-Fed Beef from Indian Creek Angus


Your steaks may not be as perfect or as beautiful as grocery store steaks, but our processor attempts to keep as much meat for you to take home as possible. Sometimes it is impossible to include a filet with some of the t-bones taken from the back part of the animal. Sometimes a bone-in sirloin will be largely bone. You may receive more NY strip steaks than filets if you order bone-out steaks because the tenderloin, from which the filet is taken, tapers at the back.

View more information about different steak cuts.


The beef is frozen solid, and a tightly packed cooler is the best way to transport it. Coolers are sized in quarts, and 100 pounds of beef will fit in a 120 quart cooler. Contact us before you come to pick up your beef for the approximate weight you will be taking home.


Once your order is confirmed by Indian Creek, we will arrange a date and time for you to pick-up your beef. At that time, please let us know if you would like to have a tour of the farm as well.

We also deliver to Cumming twice a month on Saturday mornings between 9:30 and 10 am. Contact us for the delivery schedule and availability of beef.


The beef you purchase will include various cuts in one to four pound individual vacuum-sealed packages labeled by cut. The cuts will keep in the freezer for many years. In general one cubic foot of freezer space will accommodate 35 pounds of frozen beef.


We base our prices on the hanging weight or carcass weight so that customers can have their beef cut to their individual specifications or preferences. When the beef is cut, there is a reduction in the weight because of removal of bones, gristle, and fat. Every beef will cut out a little differently, so it is not possible to tell in advance exactly how much beef you will take home in your order or the exact price per take-home pound.

However, here is how to do a rough estimate based on the hanging weight. The table below shows a sample hanging weight of 500 pounds and the approximate weight you would take home if you purchase a whole, half, or quarter. If you have it cut bone-in, you will take home roughly 55-60% of the hanging weight. If you have it cut bone-out, you will take home roughly 50-55% of the hanging weight. We used the most conservative figures of 65% and 55% for calculations below, but as we said, the exact percentage will vary with every beef. When you know your hanging weight, you can make approximate calculations based on this same formula. Divide the total price by the approximate weight and you will have a rough estimate of your take-home price.

If you want a more exact take-home price, you will need to weigh the beef when you get it home and then divide the price you paid by that weight. Generally we do not weigh your order as that would require additional handling of your packages. We make estimates based on the hanging weight only.

As you can see, even purchasing a quarter beef that is cut bone-out, the price is still lower than what you usually pay for grass-fed ground beef in a grocery store or natural food store. Your take-home price is for all your cuts, including steaks, roasts, ground beef, short ribs, and so forth. There are no additional fees for processing or sales taxes.

Sample Size
Hanging Wt.
Sample Take-Home Price Bone-Out
Sample Take-Home Price
500 lbs
325 lbs.
(using 65%)
$7.70/lb. 300 lbs.
(using 60%)
250 lbs
163 lbs.
(using 65%)
$8.05/lb. 150 lbs.
(using 60%)
125 lbs
81 lbs.
(using 65%)
$8.49/lb. 75 lbs.
(using 60%)



You may contact us by phone or email to check availability. Please use our online form to place a bulk order. A non-refundable deposit is required. Should you be unable to pick-up your order within one week of its availability you will be asked to pay your balance in full due to limited freezer space and additional handling. Meat is kept frozen until pick up. Meat is kept frozen until pick up. Meat is state inspected; USDA inspection may be available. Paypal payment is accepted online.

(706) 384-ANGUS (2648) info@indiancreekangus.com


Deposits can be made through PayPal on our website. After you know your hanging weight and balance, the remainder of your bill can be paid at pick up. While we prefer check or cash, we can accept credit cards or PayPal for your balance.

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– Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food