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Customer Testimonials

Murray Grey Bull
A photo of our Murray Grey bull and his family taken by Suzanne Geddes on a farm tour.

I wanted to let you know how much we love the beef we purchased from you. We've tried almost all of the cuts and they have been delicious! We had tried grass-fed beef in the past from another local farmer and were NOT impressed. Their beef was very tough, fatty, and smelled funny. The beef you sold us is the exact opposite; tender, lean, and great tasting! Aside from the great product you offer, you and your website were an absolute pleasure to deal with. The website is very informative and you were very accommodating and helpful. We've have been telling our friends and neighbors all about your company and we look forward to ordering our next cow from you.
K. M.

We have been dining regularly on the meat and it is far superior to others we have tried.  We are all so very pleased.
V. S.

Dear Laura and Indian Creek Angus,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I grilled a couple of filets and strips tonight and could not be happier. Short of having Chef Kevin Rathbun’s skills and experience, this is the best steak I’ve ever had. I’m really happy to have found you guys, as I’m convinced that grass fed beef is so much better in taste and health for my family.  I’ll definitely be back for more.

Just want to let you know that we’ve been enjoying our beef.  This week we’ve had t-bones, roast and hamburgers and everything was fantastic!  Thanks for providing us with a healthy alternative to grocery store beef.

My fiance and I are more than excited and so pleased with what we received and the family friendliness of your business. Your husband gave me some of your advertisement and we will be putting that up in the gym I teach at. We will definitely be repeat customers and hopefully can send more people your way! We would love to see more recipes (maybe from consumers) on your website! It will help with SEO if you ever consider it!Again thank you so much! We're so happy that we found you!
M. P.

I wish to thank you for the most pleasant and informative tour of your farm. My wife and I are happy with what we saw, both in the product and the farmers, and we'd like to make purchase some beef from you.

I got to sample a couple of the cuts so far and I told you I would give a review.  First, thanks for all your hard work and dedication to providing a quality product.  The first meal I had the day I received the meat was good ole standby hamburger.  I rate the meat 8.5/10 mainly due to me switching meats from clover finished sweet ground meat to your which has a hint of almost hickory (woody), onion, and of course little hint grass taste which I loved.  I sampled raw then cooked a great burger:  cast iron skillet fried bacon then in the bacon grease brown the burger on both sided ensuring the center is raw then place all burgers back in skillet top with bacon and swiss cheese place in oven low broil for 6 mins.  It came out perfect!!   Tonight I made cubed steak and rate the meat 10/10.  Loved the flavor.  I prepared simple:  2 tablespoons Kerry Gold grass fed butter in cast iron skillet with Sea Salt both sided brown the meat each side for 1-2 mins and served with steamed veggies and Large sweet potato with grass fed butter!!  Great meal and finished it off with GET SOME ICE CREAM. I will continue to update you the more meat I eat.  Thanks so much.
My diet is main Bulletproof with modification of The Perfect Health Diet.  I recommend reading:  Perfect Health Diet, Sweet Potato Power, Wheat Belly, Bulletproof Exc forum and podcast, Better Baby, Tao Te Ching and for women the Hormone Cure.   

Just a quick note to thank you for the tour yesterday. Enjoyed it and think you have an impressive operation. Had my first sausage this morning – was great with some of the eggs purchased from Whipoorwill.
J. M.

Thanks Carol for the tour of your beautiful farm last Friday, we loved it, and the beef is very good just as you stated. We will tell all our friends and we will be back. Thanks
K and J

Just to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious T-Bone steak we bought from you on Tuesday. Tonight, we will sample the pork chops. I imagine they will be deliscious also. It was such a pleasure meeting you on Tuesday.  We are both hoping that the little brown calf has not absconded again, giving you & his mother a hard time, particularly in this heat!
M.M. and T.M.

The beef is awesome!

I've cooked short ribs and ground beef and they were both very good. I just made broth from the ribs and neck bones, and I think it's my best broth yet!
So, I'm very happy with my purchase.

Eating smoked brisket from my ¼ cow for dinner. It’s awesome! I can’t go back to bland grocery store beef after eating dry-aged grassfed…I’m spoiled now.

We cannot thank you enough for your amazing customer service! We could not be happier with our meat!

You're starting a beef revolution, Carol! ;)

Best steak I’ve ever had.

The steaks were delicious.  Tender and juicy can't wait to get more!!!

Just wanted to thank you for showing us around your farm yesterday. The kids had a great time.  It was very nice meeting you and your husband. You made it a very nice experience for us.

Thanks and the meat tastes awesome!

Last night we had our first steaks from the grass fed side of beef we purchased from Indian Creek Angus. They were wonderful! Tender and full or flavor. I’m thrilled with everything I’ve made so far…brisket, ground beef, and now filets and NY strips. Highly recommend visiting their FB page and website.

Just wanted to thank you for the beef. It is delicious!! Had T bones last nite.  Will def'ly be sending you customers.

Thank you so much for the tour today! It's always so pleasant coming out to your farm! It's taken a little while for my husband to get on board with eating good food but today really made him see how good it is to eat and buy local :) Thanks again!
S. A.

Had some T-bone yesterday for dinner. It was really good. You could taste the difference both in taste and texture. I am making one more today for my daughter. I will take a side of pork the next time you slaughter. I will send a deposit on that soon. Once again thanks,
S, L, and G.C.

Hi Carol!!! I'm sorry it's taken me so long!!  This is the best beef I've ever tasted!!!!!   We are in love with it :)  I can't thank you enough for providing healthy, delicious beef for my family!!  We will never eat anything else, from anywhere else!!! Your new most loyal customer!!

Thank you so much for the farm tour. I just finished cooking my family your beef for dinner and it was a huge hit! My baby Riley could not get enough ground beef! My 15 year old loved his beef nachos! I feel so great about feeding my family your beef. It was such a pleasure meeting you today. We had a wonderful time and we will be back in a couple months for more beef. I will share our experience with my clients am their families too.

Prettiest beef I've ever seen.

We had our first pork chops last night.  They were delicious!  I'm sure I'm gonna need more pork.

We bought a cow from you about a month ago, split with another family. I HAD to let you know how much we love your meat! It is by far the best grassfed meat I have ever tasted. The pork is delicious too, we may make an order on that soon as well! Thank you so much for helping us stay healthy and happy!
J.V. and K.B.

Thanks for an amazing roast beef dinner tonight. Even our 10 month old chowed down.

Just wanted to say thank you for the tour of your farm yesterday - it was really nice of you to do that.... We had the T-bone steaks for lunch today. They were excellent.

Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for today's tour. We all enjoyed it.
For supper I pan-fried some of your ground beef with some slightly sautéed, thinly-sliced, fresh hot peppers in the middle & some melted goat milk cheddar on top, and a side of fresh turnip greens and diced turnips.  It was delicious! Thank you.

people in cart

Thank you so much for the tour and everything today! We all really had a great time!! You have a beautiful farm and we are really happy to be able to support you! :)

Thank you so much for taking time out of you schedule to give us a tour of the farm. I know that I enjoyed it immensely!! I appreciate all the info you gave us on 100% grass-fed and showing us your wonderful farm.

T. and I will be cooking up the ribeyes tomorrow. We'll get back to you soon with an order.

Thank you again!!! IT was a great day!!!

Your farm felt like home! You made [our] high school feel welcome at Indian Creek Angus Farm. We all enjoyed our trip and the delicious hamburger.

As an educator, I was very impressed with the information and the experiences you provided my Food Science students. Many never realized how vastly different animals can be raised….

As a consumer, I am impressed with the product you have to offer. Not only are you providing a healthier and environmentally-friendly product, you are treating animals humanely.

R.O. and friends compared our grass-fed steaks with grain-finished grocery store steaks in a bar-b-q taste test. They all said Indian Creek Angus beef was superior.

We had a blast and the kids are telling everybody about feeding a baby cow. I appreciate both the tour and your commitment to providing quality sustenance to our community.

We are totally digging our freezer stock. Thanks again for doing what you do. It's a mission, a vocation, and a business, which makes it a tricky proposition. I'll pass the word along, but I am a capitalist pig and I totally believe you guys should make a good living selling such a good product. Don't be scared to charge what it is worth!

I wanted to thank you again for the tour of your farm, for answering our questions so readily and honestly, and for the sample of beef. I wanted to let you know that we ate the roast last night. That was the first meat I have eaten in over 10 years…, and 8 years for my husband (who has had no animal products in that time). It was a bit emotional, but we thanked the creature and reminded ourselves of the happy lives they have on your farm.
The roast was quite good - the funny thing was it felt like I had been eating it all my life. After dinner, I said to [my husband], I'm feeling a little strange - kind of like an endorphin rush or taking some codeine. He laughed and said he was feeling the same way! We couldn't pin down the feeling, but I'll simplify it to say that we just felt GOOD. Neither of us had a negative physical reaction to eating the meat like I have heard some vegetarians say they had.
We will definitely be budgeting to buy 1/4 of a cow from you guys soon.

I'd like to thank you again for taking the time to show us around.  We also appreciated the ground beef you gave us. As we spoke I made those burgers and we invited my Aunt over for dinner. Before I seasoned the burgers I did make a small patty from each package without seasoning, my wife and I thought the flavor was fantastic. The sirloin in particular really shined. You can really taste the difference from store bought beef.  My Aunt loved the burgers too and both my wife and her said they didn't need any condiments because the burgers were so flavorful. I was amazed at how tender and juicy the meat was.  Your beef is the best, and you were right, we will be back. I'm already talking to the family about the farm and your beef.  I'll be placing an order soon.

I really enjoyed the tour your wife gave me of your farm. I felt very welcomed and Carol answered my questions without hesitation. We grilled up the 2 T-bones Saturday night and they were great. The marbling was good and the flavor was awesome. My daughter who is very picky about what she eats and is considering about becoming a vegetarian could not stop talking about how good it was. I asked her if she is still considering about becoming a vegetarian, she said not if steaks are this good. I guess you have another customer and a very satisfied customer.

I am SO pleased with the beef I got from Indian Creek! I had been putting it off b/c I really just wanted 1-2lbs to try it first before ordering so much but I went ahead and bit the bullet the other week and it is just delicious! The best 100% grass-fed I've had ... so yay!!

… thank you for our tour of your wonderful farm. It was so kind of you to take time out of your day to show us around & answer all of our questions. We so enjoyed meeting you both & getting the opportunity to meet your wonderful animals. Kyle & #12 definitely earned a place in our hearts! We are so grateful to have been given such a rare experience. It is truly a day we will never forget. Thank you again & we hope to see you soon.

Charolais mama and calf
Charolais mama and baby

Best grass-fed beef I’ve ever had.

Thank you so much for that wonderful tour of your farm. We just had the best time! I felt like royalty being given a private tour. We've already enjoyed some of the beef, it was delicious!

Hi - I purchased 1/8 of beef last week and really like what I've tasted. So far I've grilled a T-bone and BBQ'd a brisket in the crockpot like you suggested and both had great flavor and texture. I've been bringing the brisket to work for lunch and telling my co-workers and friends about you too. I am looking forward to trying hamburgers this weekend! :)

We are really enjoying our beef and my kids had a ball meeting Betty (a calf) and seeing your farm.

Thanks for your support, understanding and the best beef!

I want to share with you a comment from my 13 yr old.   'I didn't have high or low expectations for the trip, but I can tell you that it far exceeded any expectations I may have had.'  Those are pretty big from my just starting to be a teen teen. Abby was thoroughly delighted and Jack….well, he was put out he couldn't ride the ATV. (but otherwise enjoyed our visit )

Thank you for the update, too, Abby said, 'that is good information to know!'  She has been showing her video clips of Barb trying to stand to people.

I only wish you were closer so I (we?) could help out on the ranch.

Take care!

We had a fantastic time visiting today. It's people like you that make this country so great. Keep up the good work as we plan on telling the story about what you are doing. Hopefully we can get back to the way things used to be done. The right way...no short cuts.

I only have one problem....WHAT TO MAKE FIRST!

I wanted to let you know that the beef we purchased from you has been superior to any other beef we have had. I still have some left, since we do not eat red meat daily; just occasionally, but I feel so much better about our diets now that I have removed all the hormone and antibiotic-fed grocery store meat we used to get. I appreciate your humane treatment of the animals you keep, and was impressed with your open and honest welcome and tour when we visited. I meant to get back to you sooner, but being a single mom, working two jobs and going to school full-time has made it difficult for me to fit anything else in. I'm sure you understand.

I am looking forward to the next time I am able to visit. I will contact you in advance this time.

We grilled up some ground beef, made some burgers. It was the best ground beef we have ever had. It was phenomenal! …You guys have a very loyal customer in our family. We are customers for life. We will highly recommend you to anyone who wants to try your meat products.
Dr. B.

I am writing to thank you for the tour you gave [my friend] and me of your farm on Sunday, May 1, 2011.  As you recall, we drove down from Charlotte, NC and picked up our portion of the 590 lb hanging weight carcass we had purchased.

By now, everyone in our buying group has had a chance to try the beef they purchased.  Everyone has told me the beef tasted very good and they are happy with the purchase they made.

Thanks for taking the time to raise the animals in a way that provides healthy food to the consumer.  We will be back sometime in the future.

We're very happy with your product so we'll keep coming back.